• Batch Shipment for the SD9N Bulldozer
    Post time: Aug-21-2023

    SHEHWA brand SD9N bulldozer acquired the attentions again from global clients, since its quality and high working efficiency. Recently, batch shipment of SD9N bulldozer is being effected.                             Main sp...Read more »

  • Shipment for the updated TY165-3 Bulldozer
    Post time: Aug-23-2022

    HBXG pay high attentions to the feedbacks and complaints for the products from oversea clients, continuously push the improvement, promote the customers satisfaction. Recently, the updated TY165-3 bulldozer realized batch exportation for Russia and CIS countries, which will bring more comfortable...Read more »

  • Sales of Big-Size Bulldozer Models Realized Rapid Growth
    Post time: Jan-14-2022

    SD series bulldozers of HBXG adopt the most advanced sprocket-elevated technology in the bulldozer industry, which are popular in the high-end market because of its excellent technical advantages. But sprocket-elevated models have much more cost than ordinary models, and the prices are more expen...Read more »

  • HBXG Elevated-sprocket Bulldozer Received the Applauses
    Post time: Dec-06-2021

    In the end of 2021, HBXG SD series elevated sprocket bulldozers were successfully delivered to customers. More than 200 units SD series Bulldozers have exported to overseas market in this year. At the same time, The European customers have also purchased TY series bulldozer, which is used in road...Read more »

  • Harvest Time For European Market
    Post time: Sep-30-2021

    In recent years,HBXG has been strengthening the development of the European market. In the past 20 years, we kept visiting key markets in Europe and meeting powerful agents to discuss the long-term cooperation plans. HBXG made many adjustments of the equipments and performances of the products ...Read more »

  • HBXG FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator Showed Agricultural Machinery Equipment Exhibition in 2021
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    The 2021 Hebei · Shijiazhuang Agricultural Machinery Equipment & Parts Exhibition was held at the Shijiazhuang international new exhibition center, HBXG company with the FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator attended the exhibition. On the opening day of the exhibition, HBXG compan...Read more »

  • HBXG K Series Bulldozer Orders For European Market
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    Recently, one sets of HBXG’s SD5K and SD7K Bulldozer have been put into service in overseas areas..At present, the equipment has been successfully discharged and put into working sites. SD5K is the track-type total hydraulic bulldozer with semi-rigid suspended, electronic control tier Ⅲ, dual-cir...Read more »

  • At present, more than 50% of the ski resorts in our country are not equipped with snow groomers
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    At present, more than 50% of the ski resorts in our country are not equipped with snow groomers, and a considerable part of the snow groomers equipped are second-hand equipment, which shows that there is a broad market for snow groomers. And foreign companies that produce snow groomers almost mo...Read more »

  • Recently, the  batch of 10 new agricultural equipment independently
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    developed by Hebei Xuangong company, the remote control self-propelled FS550 deep tillage smashing and loosening cultivator, has been successfully rolled off the production line. This model is suitable for operation in mountainous and hilly areas and it has a broad market prospect.   Aiming at th...Read more »

  • The SD7N bulldozer ordered by Ghanaian Customer is deliveried smoothly
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    In the half of 2021, some overseas markets had downward trend affected by the epidemic. In the face of difficulties, SHEHWA International Department still insisted on cooperating with oversea customers to carry out comprehensive advertisements in the local market, actively participating in bids,...Read more »

  • SHWHWA Bulldozer Sales Have Recovered In The Epidemic
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    Since the beginning of 2021, SHEHWA bulldozer sales are keeping faced many difficulties: the resurgence of COVID-19, the continuous appreciation of RMB exchange rate, the shrinking of foreign markets, the shortage of domestic spare parts, and so on.  When faced with so many difficulties, Internat...Read more »

  • HBXG and Russian exclusive agent RBA company jointly participated in the Ugol Rossii Mining Exhibition
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    On June 5th, 2018, HBXG and Russian exclusive agent RBA company jointly participated in the Ugol Rossii Mining Exhibition, which is the largest and most influential coal mining exhibition held in Novokuznetsk city of the Siberian region, Russia. Read more »