Shipment for the updated TY165-3 Bulldozer

HBXG pay high attentions to the feedbacks and complaints for the products from oversea clients, continuously push the improvement, promote the customers satisfaction. Recently, the updated TY165-3 bulldozer realized batch exportation for Russia and CIS countries, which will bring more comfortable operation experiences and good running economic bebefits for customers. 

TY165-3 bulldozer is 165 horsepower track-type dozer with hydraulic direct drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic assisting operating, pilot hydraulic blade control and single level steering and braking control.

TY165-3 bulldozer is characterized by high efficient, open view, optimized structure, easy operation and service with low cost and reliable entire quality. It can be equipped with three shanks ripper, U-blade (7.4 cubic meter capacity) and other optional components.

TY165-3 bulldozer is applicable for earth handling in road construction, desert and oil-field working, farmland and port construction, irrigation and electric power engineering, mining and other engineering conditions.

• Operator comfort is provided by the two-way adjustable seat, single lever dozer control with adjustable lever and combined hand-lever steering and braking.

• Sealed track greatly reduces internal pin and bushing wear for lower undercarriage maintenance cost.

• Turbocharged diesel engine with individual adjustment-free fuel pumps and valves.

• Easy maintenance with two- piece master link, hydraulic track adjusters , steering clutches and brakes are removable as a unit.

• Choice of ROPS/FOPS air conditioned tilt cab or open ROPS/FOPS canopy.

• Logging special with Winch available.


Dozer Tilt
(not including ripper) Operation weight (Kg) 17550
Ground pressure(KPa)    67
Track gauge(mm)  1880
Gradient 30°/25°
Min. ground clearance (mm) 352.5
Dozing capacity (m³) 5.0
Blade width (mm)  3297
Max. digging depth (mm) 420
Overall dimensions (mm) 5447×3297×3160


Type Weichai WD10G178E25
Rated revolution (rpm)  1850
Rated power (KW/HP)  131/178

Implement hydraulic system

Max. system pressure (MPa) 12
 Pump type Two groups Gears pump
System output(L/min) 190

Driving system

Torque converter 3-element 1-stage 1-phase                         

Transmission Planetary, power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.                              

Steering clutch.Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring. hydraulic operated.                          

Braking clutch Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal.                           

Final drive The final drive are double reduction with spur gear and   segment sprocket, which are sealed by duo-cone seal.    

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Post time: Aug-23-2022