HBXG K Series Bulldozer Orders For European Market

Recently, one sets of HBXG’s SD5K and SD7K Bulldozer have been put into service in overseas areas..At present, the equipment has been successfully discharged and put into working sites.

SD5K is the track-type total hydraulic bulldozer with semi-rigid suspended, electronic control tier Ⅲ, dual-circuits electronic control hydrostatic driving system, electric control closed center load sending implement hydraulic system. Power–Angle-Tilting blade, automatic control independent cooling system. This model is equipped with electrical controlled engine of full power matching pattern, with continuously variable transmission and pivot steering function, modular design and easy to repair and maintenance; the electro-hydraulic proportional control walking system and work device make the operating precise and comfortable; Human-computer interaction instrument display, intelligent service system, fully sealed air conditioning cab. It can be equipped with three shanks ripper. It is an ideal machine used in exquisite or heavy load working such as harbor construction, communication construction, stadium, electric power project, city and town earth moving, backfill modeling and leveling working.

SD7K series bulldozer is equipped with the tier Ⅲ electronic engine, hydrostatic and continuously variable transmission, full power matching, automatic control independent cooling system. Electronically controlled engine with full power matching pattern, low pollution and energy saving. the SD7K bulldozer is integrated with modular design, easy to repair and maintenance. It is can ideal machine used in communication, oil field, power, mining etc. large earth moving program.

HBXG has many bulldozers used in local road construction and mine projects in this area, and its excellent performance has won a good reputation. It is understood that this overseas customer is the first time to purchase hydrostatic bulldozer, and is particularly cautious in the selection of equipment. Before purchasing, on-the-spot investigation and all-round comparison were carried out on various brands of hydrostatic bulldozer which had been put into use in the locality. Finally, the customer chose to cooperate with HBXG. Of course, HBXG did not let the customer down, from timely delivery until the plant put into production, the process went well, and the products and services provided are also well received.

In European market, the local market prospects will also bring more opportunities and challenges for HBXG, HBXG is ready.


Post time: Jul-07-2021
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