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Profile of HBXG

Established in 1950, Xuanhua Construction Machinery Development Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HBXG) is a speciality manufacturer of construction machinery, such as bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader etc., as well as agriculture machinery in China, possessing independent ability for research &development and key manufacturing technology. HBXG is the unique manufacturer possessing the proprietary intellectual property and realizing the quantity production for the sprocket-elevated driving bulldozers, currently belong to the HBIS group, one of the top 500 enterprises in the world.

HBXG locates  in  Xuanhua,  a historic city  in  the  Northwestern  of  Hebei  Province  with  only  175  kilometers  away Beijing. Xuanhua city enjoy convenient transportation & telecommunication.  It  takes about three hours  to  Capital  International  Airport  by  car,  and  5  hours  to  Xingang Seaport by train.  HBXG  covers  an  area  of  985,000 square  meters  with  300,000  square  meters under  proof.

Possessing strong technology development forces and provincial-level R&D center, HBXG is a high-tech enterprise, also a prior cultivation enterprise for intellectual property development in Hebei province. HBXG got the Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate issued by VTI in 1998; got the QMS ISO9001 re-evaluation certificate for version 2000 in 2002; got the QMS ISO9001-2015 certificate for version updation in 2017. HBXG’s products acquired many honorary titles from state, province& ministries as well as industry line etc., having higher reputation and brand value in construction machinery industry.

In recent years, HBXG persists in implementation of the “Quality products plus Differentiation” development strategy, to fully upgrade the products. Currently HBXG mainly has two series products ranging from 120HP to 430HP:  SD premium series consisting of hydro-static transfer products and sprocket-elevated driving products, such as SD5K, SD6K, SD7K, SD8N, SD9N;T series with high performance-price ratio feature consisting of updated -3 series products, such as T140-3, TY160-3, TY230-3 as well as according swamp products, realizing the forward development for both premium products and moderate products, forming the products series with HBXG characteristics to meet the demands from different categories of customers. Specially for the SD7K bulldozer developed by HBXG independently, it is the first sprocket-elevated driving bulldozer with hydro-static transfer system in worldwide, and its performances with respect to driving, environment protection, operating comfortability etc. have reached to the international advanced level after test and authentication by state construciton machinery inspection institute. In 2017,the first middle-class horsepower snow groomer SG400 was produced by HBXG, which filled the state blank for the production of premium and big&middle-class horsepower snow groomer.

 HBXG owns the production capability of 2500 units of standard whole machine and 2000 tons of spare parts per year specializing in the Track Bulldozers.

The main products are as follows:

Normal structure Track bulldozer series: T140-1(140HP); SD6N(160HP); T160-3 (160HP); TY165-3(165HP);

Elevated driving bulldozer series: SD7N(230HP); SD8N(320HP); SD9(430HP).

Hydrostatic bulldozer series: SD5K(130HP); SD6K(170HP); SD7K(230HP).

Wheel loader series: XG938G (3M3); XG955T (5M3)

Excavator: SC240;SC260;SC360;SC485

Drilling Rig: TY370; TY380T

Snow Groomer: SG400 (360HP)

Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator:FS550-21;FS770-30

The SD7N, SD8N, SD9 bulldozer are sprocket-elevated driving bulldozer which are developed by ourselves strength enjoying the main features of reliable, durable and east maintenance. SD5K,SD6K and SD7K is dual-circuits electronic control hydrostatic driving system with the features of operating precise and comfortable, reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving.

HBXG has established perfect sales &service network throughout the China currently. Also HBXG is further perfecting the global market. Now we have set up agency business relationship with more than 40 countries or regions covering Canada, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Iran, Australia, Brazil, Ghana etc..  

With more than 70 years development, HBXG accumulates and forms profound corporate cultural deposits. In future, HBXG will insist on science& technology orientation, mechanism innovation and management promotion, focus on the cultivation and expanding of the new development driving forces, adhere to create a new route of transformation development, leaping development and promotion, strive to forge the HBXG to become a modernization enterprise of construction machinery and ice&snow equipment manufacturing in China.