HBXG Elevated-sprocket Bulldozer Received the Applauses

In the end of 2021, HBXG SD series elevated sprocket bulldozers were successfully delivered to customers. More than 200 units SD series Bulldozers have exported to overseas market in this year. At the same time, The European customers have also purchased TY series bulldozer, which is used in road building and oil project. The equipment will be put into use after the festival to serve the construction of municipal roads.


Though thousands of miles apart, HBXG SD8N bulldozers were delivered to the South America, this is the Fifth batch of HBXG bulldozer exportation to this country in 2021, which built a “partnership bridge” between China and South America . This customers purchased the HBXG brand bulldozers from year 2015. The HBXG brand bulldozers are seen in working at all the main mining sites. Customers said that they were very familiar with the operation of the equipment and satisfied with the quality and service of the products. So they did not hesitate to choose HBXG Bulldozer when they have the damand for the dozers.

With the mitigation of the COVID epidemic and the global economy recovering, in the fist half year of 2021, apparent incresing demand for the mining machinery. This customers are placeing the new orders for the SD8N dozers so as to receive the dozers after the new year holiday.


The highlights of SD series bulldozer:

1. Easy Operation—–With single hand –lever direction and speed changes, single lever dozer control, combined hand-lever steering and braking and adjustable seat.
2. Easy Maintenance—-Major components are easily removable as single units. Modular design permits fast dismounted and mounted.
3. Advanced technology—– SD series bulldozer main frame is designed and built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces. The main case elevates the final drives well above the ground to protect them from impact loads, abrasion and contaminants.
4. High efficiency—-The power is transfered by both hydraulically and mechanically through a Single Stage Torque Converter and a planetary gear set.


Post time: Dec-06-2021
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