Harvest Time For European Market

Harvest Time For European Market

In recent yearsHBXG has been strengthening the development of the European market. In the past 20 years, we kept visiting key markets in Europe and meeting powerful agents to discuss the long-term cooperation plans. HBXG made many adjustments of the equipments and performances of the products according to the needs of customers in the European market, and gradually won the trust of European customers by virtue of the stable quality and high cost performance of our products. We have had our own agents and loyal customers. Our sales volume kept increasing year by year, and HBXG gradually expanded the market share in Europe

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the European market has generally been affected to varying degrees. HBXG carefully analyzed the actual situations of the markets, assisted agents to strengthen network publicity, tried to develop new customer resources, and strengthened service capacity construction, agent system construction and service parts system construction. On the other hand, HBXG promoted digital and intelligent work to improve work efficiencies. And we constantly improve the quality and speed of products, manufacturing, service, in order to better meet the needs of business developments.

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Thanks to unremitting efforts, the European market has maintained steady growth throughout the pandemic and is gradually reaping the harvest time. From January to September of 2021, HBXG has maintained a stable regular batch shipments to the European markets, which are expected to open up a broader market for the company and bring more room for growth. 

Although the overall manufacturing level and the competitiveness of our products in the European market have been improving in recent years, HBXG still has a certain gap from the leading level of the industry. As always, HBXG will strive to improve the level of products and services, constantly develop the export business, and strive for a bigger European market on the basis of consolidating the original customers.

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Post time: Sep-30-2021