Company introduction


Xuanhua  Construction  Machinery  Co., Ltd.  (Hereinafter  referred  to   as  HBXG)  was  founded  in  1950  with its original name “Xuanhua  Construction  Machinery  Factory”.  HBXG  is  the  pioneer of fabrication of the track bulldozer  in  China  with  a  history  of  more than 50  years.  With developing for years, currently  it  has become  a  state-owned, large-scale  public company, a leading manufacturer of bulldozer, and  one  of  the  500 key  enterprises in China.

In 2010, the HBXG was incorporated by Hebei Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred as HBIS).  HBIS is a large-scale, state owned public company with ranking the 279th position of the top 500 enterprises all over the world. By this mergence & acquisition, HBXG becomes a subsidiary of HBIS, which merge the advanced core philosophy and share the advantages of HBIS with respect to management, funds and market, paving the way & solid foundation for HBXG’s great-leap-forward development.

HBXG locates  in  Xuanhua,  a historic city  in  the  Northwestern  of  Hebei  Province  with  only  175  kilometers  away Beijing. Xuanhua city enjoy convenient transportation & telecommunication.  It  takes about three hours  to  Capital  International  Airport  by  car,  and  5  hours  to  Xingang Seaport by train.  HBXG  covers  an  area  of  985,000 square  meters  with  300,000  square  meters under  proof. The total  staff  is 2400 persons which including 642 professionals in 2017.

HBXG possesses more  than  1000  sets  of  advanced  machining equipments and examining equipments,  including  multi-purpose  stoves for heat-  treatment,  Plasma  pressing center ,  and  Co-ordinate  Measuring  Equipment etc.. These equipments offer a solid base to assure the supply the customers reliable and quality products. By implementing the Total Quality Control Program as well as   improving the quality control system,  HBXG was awarded the Quality  Authentication Certificate ISO 9001 in 1996.

HBXG owns the production capability of 2500 units of standard whole machine and 2000 tons of spare parts per year specializing in the Track Bulldozers.

The main products are as follows:

Normal structure Track bulldozer series: T140-1(140HP); SD6N(160HP); T160-3 (160HP); TY165-3(165HP);

Elevated driving bulldozer series: SD7N(230HP); SD8N(320HP); SD9(430HP).

Hydrostatic bulldozer series: SD5K(130HP); SD7K(230HP).

Wheel loader series: XG938G (3M3); XG958 (5M3)

Excavator: SR050; SR220; XGL120; XGL150

Drilling Rig: TY370; TY380T

Snow Groomer: SG400 (360HP)

The SD7N, SD8N, SD9 bulldozer are sprocket-elevated driving bulldozer which are developed by ourselves strength enjoying the main features of reliable, durable and east maintenance. SD5K and SD7K is dual-circuits electronic control hydrostatic driving system with the features of operating precise and comfortable, reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving.

HBXG has established perfect sales &service network throughout the China currently. Also HBXG is further perfecting the global market. Now we have set up agency business relationship with more than 40 countries or regions covering Canada, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Iran, Australia, Brazil, Ghana etc..  Now we are trying to find more qualified partners to develop the oversea market jointly.

As a milestone, the stock of HBXG with the title of “Hebei  Xuangong” was  listed and traded publicly at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China in Jun.7th, 1999. This established a firm foundation for the sustainable development of HBXG.



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